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I went down to the Dakota Hot Springs in Colorado a couple weeks ago and invited my wife to go with me. She has gone to one other clothing optional resort and late at night, she took off her swimsuit for a while. I asked her if she had enjoyed her first naturalist experience and she said it felt weird. I asker her if she would be willing to try again, even in her swimsuit. She said 'probably not, its not something that 'real women' do. I asked her what she meant and she said that its just very difficult for women to go nude in public, even if the 'public is a private resort'. She thinks that its easier for men than women to shed their clothes. I have told her that there are plenty of ladies that go to clothing optional hot springs and beaches and have a very good time. I have also told her that there is nothing activityual about it, and that intimacy is frowned on and will usually get you kicked out for good. Do I keep trying to get her to go with me, without pressuring her to take her suit off, or is it a lost cause and I should just go alone. How about some feedback from those who have been there.


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My name is Kate and I am a nudist woman ? in fact

My name is Kate and I am a nudist ? in fact, I have been a nudist since I was really free, for as long as I can remember myself I enjoyed walking around without clothing and even clothing whenever I was home alone.

My mind now goes almost ten years back when I started reviving the impressions of my childhood when I could sunbathe nude on a beach, to more pleasurable naturalness of the naked child playing on a beach, but when I started practicing getting up really early and jogging and then swimming for a while in cool morning water, I often found myself alone on the lakeshore, something echoed in me and so whenever I changed my wet bathing suit so where I was, with nobody who could see me, there were occasions when I tried also to stand naked in the sun and relax after swimming.
The opportunity presented itself when I enrolled in diving courses: on the first day of class, in the dressing room, I grabbed the costume from the bag and turned around to face two naked women, caught in between the shock and indecision for a moment I looked around and found out that almost all the others were changed easily in public.
I had adjusted to public nudity quite freely, although limited to the presence of people of my same activity. From this moment I began suffering trying to cover myself while changing clothes, but later I saw that whoever was trying to hide behind their towels actually attracted more attention (especially if it was a woman) of more people, who were there watching hoping that the towel opens or fall to the ground. But what the hell we will then be looking at? Are we all not built the same way? Well, we women are different, but what harm is there if you change without worries, then have a few seconds of nudity? These and other questions began to go through my head when I had to change or others who changed when I saw the best hiding or traveling hundreds of meters on the hot sand to reach the dressing rooms.
Then one day, however, television and newspapers began to talk about the nudists, these people who preached the cult of public nudity as a way to manifest respect for oneself and others, such as overcoming the psychological barriers of clothing, as a return to naturalness and integrity with nature. Then there began discussions with friends, most of these were full of mistrust, shame (well, I will not ever) or even morbidity, rarely (among my friends) of the complaint. I, shy and reserved, did not expose myself verbally, but I thought to myself, and I wondered what ever there was strange about this, what there was to fear or to look at with incredulity.
Years went by and the echo of the first nudist masses disappeared, or because the general custom had evolved a little (no one is shocked by bikinis and skirts, in magazines and on television there appeared almost naked if not completely naked women, in different beaches women could now get topless or one could see first nudist women) or because it was realized that the nudists were not a danger to society, walking nude in their apartments or at small and isolated beaches and did not oblige anyone to undress, or because the nudists, at least in Italy, closed their groups like clams in their communities and stopped proselytizing. With the disappearance of the interest on media appearances of nudist women and men, there also disappeared the discussion of the issue.
Shortly after I resumed early morning bathing and started attending my old favorite lake beach (the Rock of Manerba) and find that it has become an established and popular nudist area. We returned several times and each time the discomfort of the swimsuit became stronger and when I was alone (ie without friends or relatives) I also started to take it off, more than anything to change, but doing it more slowly and enjoying more time freedom The feeling of not being an object but a person, being what I am and not the social stereotypes that I would like to appear. Nobody looks at me, nobody minds my nakedness as I do not mind neither what others do, nor what their comments are.
At that point there was only the last final step: inclusion in a nudist community. That fact which I, having done some researching on the internet and found dozens of sites about nudism, some concern about. My final and total entry into the world of nudism and swapping my textile beaching to replenishing the number of nudist women happened after a short while, I can no longer do without beaching as naked as possible, sticking to this, my typical nature, personally committed to the spread of the ideal nude resorting. So here I am writing this, it moves into expressing the feelings I describe and winding up for the lack of understanding of this wonderful world that nudism is, as well as feeling frustrated about the hypocrisy that fills today's society.
But this is an ongoing story ? I need to write it day by day like hundreds of other nudist women, taking part in it.

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Yes Dorothy (and Toto): "real women" go to nudist resorts. It's gotten to the point where we can be home, me in my lounge chair reading, while my wife and a half dozen other women-all nude-are talking up a storm about whatever women find incredibly interesting. And you know what? I'll scarcely notice the ensemble is nude. O.K. no jokes about my testosterone level; it is plenty high. But my wife and I have arrived at that comfort level with nudity.
Fortunately my wife had the ability and the personality to make the transition from textile to nudity. It would take someone with a doctorate in psychology to adequately explain the societal and psycho-activityual reasons why it is more difficult for women than men to enter into the world of naturism, but to deny that a barrier exists for many women is to deny reality. I recall an instance where a vacation condo sale fell through because the wife could not bring herself to continue visiting the nudist resort. Other couples experienced break-ups over the spouses love of the nudism and in nearly all the instances it was the man who insisted on maintaining the lifestyle.
Might I suggest that you take her to a secluded nude beach followed by a low key nudist setting with a sparse crowd. The one thing you do not want to do is visit a large nudist resort on a holiday weekend filled with couples of all personalities and (that word again) lifestyles. A little gentle persuasion, a touch of romance and before you both know it she will experiment being au natural.

The desire to get gameped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked...Both of these feelings are strong ? though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of xNudism you will be able to find the stories told by females and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.
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