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Nudist party

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During some of my business travels, if possible, I sometimes stop at various nudist resorts for a little sun and relaxation in order to take a break from driving and catch a little sun. I have stopped at Ponderosa several times on my way to and from Chicago. I usually stay for 4-hours or so, and then, refreshed, I resume my journey. I have found The Ponderosa to be a very normal nudist resort...people of all types, all ages, including families with children, and have never witnessed any activity that would be considered to be activityual or provocative. Since this club is not an ANNR affiliate, perhaps the only 2 things I noticed is a little more tolerance or casual atmosphere about things such as body piercings (some resorts have policies about that one) and the acceptance/admittance, without any weird thoughts or vibes from the management, of single people or people, like in my case, traveling without their partner/wife (some resorts have strict policies about that also). Twice a year they hold their "Nudes a Poppin" event and it appears that everyone knows and understands that these events are not typical, AANR-type nudist, INF naturist-type resort activities. From what I understand, they are held to raise funds to help keep this resort open. Everyone knows that going to these events is akin to going to a bar/club that features gamepers and nude dancers (both male and female). If that is your thing, then these events sound like crazy fun and they probably rank up there with some of the ultimate nude (not nudist), adult entertainment events. I haven't attended one of these events (just like I don't frequent nude entertainment night clubs) or do I have a desire to do so. I cast no judgment on the owners of the Ponderosa. They have their right and freedom to hold these titillating, activityually orientated, adult events. And I do feel that the people who attend these events know that this is not normal activity for a nudist resort. If you were to visit The Ponderosa, with the exception being the four days that these events are held, I think you would find this resort to be completely similar to AANR sanctioned clubs of this size. I copied this from their website: The purpose of the club is to promote health and happiness for its members. Ponderosa Sun Club is a adult oriented nudist resort (not clothing optional) located in rural Roselawn Indiana on 88 wooded acres. Hopefully, this info will help anyone who might want to visit this resort.


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Lively music, parttails and of course the beautiful nudist party participants

It all happened a couple of years ago, when my friend Veronica and I were holidaying in Spain. Multiple rumors we had heard about this paradisiacal resort warned us that people in this country, both locals and some of the tourists who come with regular visits find Spanish beaches extremely attractive for nudist pastimes.

It all happened a couple of years ago, when my friend Veronica and I were holidaying in Spain. Multiple rumors we had heard about this paradisiacal resort warned us that people in this country, both locals and some of the tourists who come with regular visits find Spanish beaches extremely attractive for nudist pastimes. As for me, I have never before given this matter as much as a thought, but Veronica was simply obsessed with the idea of getting herself an even suntan without those hideous patches of the skin under swimsuits the paler shade of white. Whenever we went to the seaside together, she would take off her bikini top and sunbathe topless. She?s got beautiful breasts, and I am not at all surprised at her taking every opportunity to show off. As for me, I am not so sure about the perfection of my body, and maybe this was a true reason for my reluctance to get naked on a nude beach.
This way or that, when we arrived to Spain (a picturesque rural location called El Fonoll) we soon learnt about a paradisiacal get-away at Conca de Barbera ? the famed nudist resort with extremely well organized traffic of nudists from all over the globe. And the timing of our vacation coincided with one of the major events in Spanish nudist life ? a nudist party that was held once a year! The festival was due in some days after our check-in date. Needless to say that Veronica felt a tremendous upsurge of enthusiasm, and I had to listen to her gleeful blabbing about the advantages of nude beaching almost non-stop for something like 24 hours. Eventually I had to give in. And I didn?t have the opportunity to regret it until now, and I don?t think I ever will.
So that one morning, right after the brekkie, me and Veronica set out for this exciting adventure ? and I must admit that I got cold feet at the beginning, but having someone as bold and nonchalant as Veronica helped a lot. Naturally, when we arrived at the spot she was the first to take off her skimpy top and shorts and reveal the fact that she wasn?t wearing any swimsuit (in contrast to me; I was determined to undress that same day on the beach, but something in me told me it would be easier for me to adjust to my new nudist nature gradually).
The beach, against my better expectations, was quite a crowded place that day (as every next day of our short vacation), but although the place was practically thronged with attractive women of different age groups, I could see it that Veronica?s appearance made a lot of people (of both activity!) turn their heads and watch us, although quite evasively. Later we learnt that staring is considered extremely rude in the book of nudists. But the public attention thus averted from my humble person, I managed to slip out of my one-strap dress and then out of my one-piece swimsuit quite casually, although my heart was throbbing and the adrenaline of doing something unheard of raced through my veins big time.
It took me a while to get accustomed to the idea that my breasts and my genitals were on display, and I felt pretty sure I was being watched by hundreds of onlookers ? although each time I hastily cast furtive glances around me I found out this was but my own imagination. As the time was drawing closer to the much talked about event of the nudist party at Conca de Barbera, Veronica was growing more and more agitated ? and I must confess that her excitement was contagious: soon I gained so much confidence and started feeling so at home in nudist community, that I didn?t at all mind exposing my nude body in front of the jury of the nudist party!
I can clearly remember every detail of that day ? clear blue sky, rustling waves and the delicate rays of the afternoon sun being the best backdrop for the event one could wish for, and the spirit of the true union and integrity with which the very air of the nude beach seemed to be infused. Lively music, parttails and of course the beautiful nudist party participants ? all of this contributed to the partying atmosphere created on the beach. The nudist women would flaunt and strut and dance to popular tunes in front of bemused and high-spirited spectators, and to loud cheering and chanting of the nudist crowd there was chosen the Beauty of the Nudist party, a local female with scintillating smile and totally immaculate body. And guess what? Veronica was chosen a runner-up to her!
As for me, I was cool with my position of a spectator ? but I am now determined to try my luck in the would-be events of such nature. Maybe this year? Who knows! But I will keep you updated. Bye for now!

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Long time back, when I was first thinkin of goin to a naturist resort, I was with some friends lookin for a movie at the video store when someone saw the 'Nude a Poppin' video. I took a look and noticed HEY, its at a naturist resort, I heard those are adult friendly, should be ok (Hey, I was free and nieve(And I still cant spell)). (Oh yes and it was in a plain box with just the text description so didnt have pictures telling me 'Hey! Thats not normal!') Imagine my surpised when I saw women spread eagle doin things I never imagined nudists doing!!! Lukily I had read alot before hand about resorts I wanted to go to and just thought this was a weird thing this one club did. I am very happy I decided to continue the quest for normal, relaxing, non-activityual nudity! It has changed my life, and only for the better :) BTW I do go to adult clubs with my friends because they are single guys who obsses about female bodies and so I bow to thier 'Hey lets go there' when we are out and about (Which is rare). I find it the funniest thing to pay people to be naked, and I have to wear clothes! I do have a healthy respect for thier job though. I know a few dancers and they are not the airheads alot of people think (I usually didnt find out they were dancers till after they were my friends). They have amazing moves and are athletic. If I had a body like that I would do it. Alot of people say it degrades women. Well what about women who stay at home and play the 'Barefoot and pregnant' roll, doesnt that also degrade women? What about women who let men beat them, then they leave just to find another guy who beats them? What about women who spend all thier money on changing thier bodies to fit what society says they should look like? I do not dislike the people mentioned above, and I personally dont think they are bad people or doing damage to women everywhere. Everyone will see wrong in something someone does that someone else wont see wrong in. Just like a discussion I had with a friend of mine who is a non-nudist. She thinks any activity involving adults and children or just children without clothes on should be outlawed and everyone who would want to do such things is a pedophile. I argued that it didnt matter what kinds wear, people with that messed up twist in thier thinking get excited about childrens shows that have fully clothed adults, they stalk parks and playgrounds, schools and churchs. Atleast in a resort the club knows everyone that goes in and out and everyone polices the area, especially parents of any children attending or not. I feel safer with my children @ a naturist resort then I do at a regular campground. guy I just rambled way off topic. Anyway I agree that I personally don't like the idea of a 'adult friendly naturist resort' having a BIG Adult oriented contest like that, because it Will bring the kind of people I dont want seeing my children in any state of dress, let alone naked. Not that ALL the people there are people I wouldnt like, but there are always some. And I wouldnt go to Ponderosa Pines because of it. Who knows who sticks around waiting for more gallery star to show up the rest of the year.

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