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I recently had a break through of sorts with my wife. She, too, has resisted even discussing social nudism with me. Here and there around the house in my presence only she has been willing from time to time to indulge me. But after reading on here about the Naturist Living Show podcasts, I checked them out and found the one Women and Naturism. Eureka! She listened (again to humor me) but actually started discussing the show and her feelings about it all. She has now agreed to consider trying it at a local landed club. The fact that she would consider it is a huge step. I have never been more optimistic that someday she will try it.

Hi there Bill. I, like you, started in my early groups in the mid 70's. I lived on a creek and went nude and skinny dipping as much as possible. Even got the neighbor female into it, but never could convince my sister to try it. My mom was a home maker, so I couldn't be nude at home, unless she was gone to run errands, but there were plenty of private places I could go. When I became a free adult my wife and I were nude around the house much of the time. After my divorce I got aquainted with a guy who was trying to start a club. This was my intro to social nudity. I introduced my present wife and the adults to the lifestyle, taking them to several clubs. The adults are grown now and my wife is no longer interested in social nudity, but I still visit clubs on occasion and am nude at home any time I can be.


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The nudist fun we were having together with the rest of the crowd was something strangely contagious

For me being a nudist never was a lifestyle or philosophy ? I simply got involved into naturalism quite accidentally. It must have been my curiosity ? also, I confess, the cult of the beauty of nude female body ? that made me go to a nude beach during one of my Greek vacations.

Me and my two friends, both males, were anxious to see all of those gorgeous women we could see in the hotel restaurants and halls go totally naked on a beach under the caressing sunrays of the beautiful island Mykonos. And we took it for granted that the price for that was going naked ourselves ? you should have seen the chicks that flaunted around us to understand how we felt about that!
So the destination was a place with a tell-tale name ? Paradise Beach. The best thing about this spot was the fact that there were two bars available, some good music played during p.m. hours and they would throw wild parties every afternoon. A swell place to have some unforgettable nudist fun at! My only concern was a quite natural reaction that I could easily display while seeing a bunch of attractive nudist females with all of their mouthwatering assets being available for the eye. Well, and quite as expected, I spent most of my first days on the nude beach lying on my stomach.
When we first arrived at the location I was totally bedazzled by the quantity of freeer females. Having heard enough of the stories told by nudist old-timers about the majority of European beaches being thronged by people of older generations with their bodies deformed by age and lack of physical activity, I had been inwardly preparing myself to be faced with such lamentable crowd of nude enthusiasts.
So you can actually imagine how much relieved I felt when I saw that the absolute majority of females there were still in their groups! Some of the older women looked quite good, not to say their best ? no sign of sagging tits and fatty thighs I absolutely abhor. My two friends and I were quite mesmerized, like a pack of hungry wolves who miraculously found themselves amidst a farmer?s hen house. But the farmers were there alright. Male population was about as numerous as female at the nudist beach, and truth be told, I had been wondering for a while how on earth they could preserve the sobriety of their minds amongst this glut of firm femaleie bums, breasts and groomed parts showcased in front of their eyes.
But as a matter of fact, not all of the females at Paradise Beach were completely naked; some of them were simply topless, others, indeed, were wearing their swimsuits bottoms. But the majority of the ladies at the nudist beach were absolutely and totally, to our greatest pleasure. But we learnt way soon that nudists have their own code that presupposes a vast number of unpublished norms and rules to be observed. And staring at the nude women around you is considered to be a taboo in nudist society. Well, staring is rude in any kind of society, so we were more or less ok with that. A pair of sunglasses though did the trick ? we could cast furtive glances around without actually being observed.
But the very atmosphere of the beach, the nudist fun we were having together with the rest of the crowd was something strangely contagious, and at some point me and all the three of us could not help feeling a part of this group of people. Naturally, music, beer, parttails served at two local bars were a major get-together factor that gave us opportunity to actually have a chat with single females at the beach on quite neutral grounds. We could have been standing in a NYC coffee bean shop fully dressed by the sound of our conversation, not somewhere on the exotic island, nude to our respective skins.
Of course I cannot say that I could completely abstract away from the fact that I was surrounded by several dozens of beautiful nude females, but I learned to manage the situation to the best of my abilities, and eventually I felt that I had become a part of this nudist fun ? it was really not that hard with the ultimate nude beach partying that started every afternoon after 4 in the evening.
In general, I cannot really say what made me change my opinion in the first place, but it is quite obvious that after I spent two weeks at Mykonos (and most of the days we would go to the same very beach we discovered on the first day of our stay) I reconsidered my attitude towards naturalism on many layers. First and foremost, I no longer see it as a way to gaze at nude women, but I discovered a whole new dimension to nudist fun, and I am pretty certain I will want to renew the experience some day in a not too distant future.

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Hey!, I'm Bill, not quite as wild as I used to be but sometimes still a wild bill. Been naked a very long time, got the inkling when I was 12 and loved beeing naked ever since. I was a latch-key adult (mom and dad worked,I came home from school to an empty home) and one early hot spring day I hung some towels over the railings of our deck for privacy and started sunning nude and loved it. It was the late 60's and peace and freedom were very hip even though I was free. A few ponds in the area were private enough to skinny dip in and I was always the first to toss my cut-offs and plunge in. Some friends joined in, others were too shy and even swam in their long pants if thats what they had on. As I got older after hours parties were often at the pond or outer beach and hot August nights always compelled me to swim naked.
For a time I had a false reputation of being a "ladies man" cause I would get some really pretty female friends to join me. Learning early that swimming naked with others is just that, swimming naked. Its was not activity in the water or randy behavior it was just cooling off naturally. Fast forward.....I go to an unofficial nude beach on Cape Cod every chance I get, took my adults there till they outgrew it, continued solo for many years and now my sweetheart has been joining me for the last six summers. I live a naked life at home year round, camping in my back yarden five months each sunny season and warming my buns by the woodstove when the northeast winds blow. I just plain prefer to be naked, as I was created. Peace, Bill

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