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Like the commercial says, "Just Do It!." Nudists are friendly and helpful when the first time comes around. First, it depends where in the Northeast you are. There are several choices when it comes to nudist camps, parks and beaches. (Never use the word "nudist colony" around nudists as it is considered rude.)
You can try several websites to find a place to go. If you are in the area of NJ, there is Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook at the northern Jersey Shore area.
5000 people there over the weekends pretty much assures you blend in with the crowd. Fears tend to dissapate when you are with that many like-minded people and you just become one in the crowd. You can try my group for more help.
BTW, no nudist uses the term "colony". I personally prefer club as a generic term for any organized nudist group whether landed (having it's own land) or non-landed ( travels to other clubs or meets at members' homes or rents a facility). If I want to be more specific I use resort to describe a club with a great number of amenities (Avalon in WV eg. which has condos and even a casino) and camp to describe a landed club which basically offers a pool or lake, volleyball, camping area and perhaps a clubhouse.


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Our secret nudist colony

Unfortunately, there are precious little nude beaches in the USA, and their number tends to dwindle with every year or so it may seem. So i was home nudism some time.

There used to be some worthy places in Hawaii just a few years ago, but now they are being extensively bought out and turned into private property which is a partial breach of the legislation of the state - all the beaches in Hawaii are acknowledged to be of public use. But on the other hand, nudity in Hawaii is unofficial, not to say forbidden by legislation of the state. This makes the matters with nude beaching in this heavenly place rather complicated and brings much mayhem into what could be a paradise for us, nude beachers.
Well, so far so good, as the old saying goes, and this post does not concern the problem of public nudity in Hawaii but rather the report of the events that resulted in my becoming a public nudity fan. Firstly, I think I ought to introduce myself. My name is Jennifer, friends call me Jenna. I was eighgroup when I first enjoyed attending a public beach. It happened during my summer holidays when my college friends and I went to spend our first vacation together. If truth be told, we planned to go to Europe first, but as it often happens with students we lacked financial support and well we hit it off to Hawaii. I never got the chance to regret that in my whole personal life, and if it had not been for this happy coincidence I would have never become what I am now, never would have shaken off the restraints of overdue civilization.
As I already mentioned, we launched ourselves on a boisterous Hawaii tour. There were five of us, and all of us were females. Having had our share of hearts broken, we were more than determined to find ourselves guyfriends if not for a lifetime then for the period of vacations. Two of our friends, Linda and Kate, hit it off with a couple of guys we met on the plane, so we started seeing very little of them during our first evening we were spending in one of fairly inexpensive Kauai hotels. All our attempts to attract the attention of handsome suntanned windsurfers crashed on harsh reality like summer waves crash on the cliffs, and we were much pissed off by this ill luck that seemed to haunt us.
It was one of such evenings when Linda broke into a little caf where the three of us were biding our time sulkily sipping on our parttails. It burst upon our eyes that Linda was strangely agitated, an unnaturally bright blush burning on her cheeks. We started questioning her right away in a desperate attempt to shake this immovable atmosphere that established in our rooms since the day of our arrival. Showered with our questions, Linda blurted out: 'I... Kate and I and Mike and Colin, the four of us we were spending the time at Secret Beach!' Apparently expecting some exulted personal reactions on our part, but not spotting the slightest part of recognition in our eyes, she breathed out, slightly disappointed: 'Hell females, don't you know that Secret Beach is the best Hawaiian nudist colony?' We gasped - Linda was alright, but Kate was not quite what they call a beauty, her figure leaving much to be desired - lots of extra baggage in fact.
This time Linda had to go deeper into the particulars. We soon discovered that those plane dudes had not invented any smarter pretext to get our femalefriends gameped and dragged them to the beach that could only be accessed by hiking a trail at the end of the road off of Kalihiwai Road which had turned out to be this very nude beach. Taken aback at first and rather shocked with this turn of events, Linda and Kate were impressed by the density of tourists and native folks sunbathing at the beach absolutely nude! Intrigued and stirred to action, they very soon lost their swimsuit tops and then their thongs as well.
Well what can I say, to say that we were surprised would be t say nothing. We demanded more and more details about nude colony, and then Kate came along, gleaming with satisfaction and anxiety. Should I say that we all wanted to stand in their shoes and carry on with the experiment they had started. The next day we filed in the direction of the road off of Kalihiwai Road, giggling and still not believing that we were about to see dozens of gameped beachers and, moreover, get gameped as well. And when we finally arrived to Secret nudist colony it was still a greater shock than we had expected it to be. I mean, women were alright, but seeing such quantity of nude men in one place in a broad daylight - that was the most shocking part of this experience, though of course each of us had seen enough nude dudes in her life.
Personally I had no problems gameping. On a nude beach - not with all of them nude folks defiling all around the place. I enjoyed the sensation, and so did two other friends of mine - but one of them refused to game whatsoever and by that day she cannot understand what is so exciting about doing that. Well, for me I can say: if the major part of planet's population were nudists with only a bunch of folks sunbathing in ridiculous pieces of clothes covering some conventionally tabooed spots of their bodies, I bet they would be whistled at by any nudist. Which all brings us to the idea that conventionalities were created for the majority of people, so they should be considered by this very majority. Somehow, I just don't feel like falling into the group of majority. Thus, for me nudism and nudists colony is philosophy - check my nudism personal page at member zone xNudism.com

The desire to get gameped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked...Both of these feelings are strong ? though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of xNudism you will be able to find the stories told by females and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.
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