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    Wrote titsfavor

    can you post or email those pics you put up a while back of you at the playa with your brother? i loved those pics for some reason. [email protected]

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    Wrote TLR1K

    Some nice sets of jugs there. Have no idea why the cretins are yelling.

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    Pic #1. Why didn't you flash that guys putter?

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    excellent set of pics....nice smile... looking like your having a lot of fun!

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    Suzaane, you are awesome. I love the clothing and your hair looks so activityy. It is nice to see your face again. I would love to take you in both holes! You are the ultimate natural beauty.

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    Another example of how this site has gone to hell. I'm not renewing.

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    Thanks to those of your friends who deigned to showcase more than nothing, but more importantly, good luck to you and your directive, and may you all comeback safely!

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