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    But less clothes please

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    Very nice Pam. I hope you are bored out your mind this weekend. Can't wait to see the pics.

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    his nips are fatter than hers!

    Wrote odysseus333

    Downton Abbey of titviews. Adorably done.

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    back are you, thats too bad, lets hope its not for lengthy

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    Blurred faces = "POOR" vote.

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    Baby, you can leave pictures for me anytime. I love 'em.

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    OMG you are the ideal woman

    Wrote mate023

    Blondie maybe not. But big, sweet, natural tits, yes.

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    If she is indeed French keep in mind she most likely smells like ass...the French aren't real sticklers for bathing...

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    That has to be one of the sweetest tightest twats ever!

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    Fantastic Assets , yummy x

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    YES, You Go Lady, I Give You A 10+, You Got BALL'S. But I Pass, And I Dont Pass Much.Good Luck.

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    I don't think it gets larger more and more but these are good pictures.

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    All the hair, or no hair. Not like this.

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    That is one fine looking woman.

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    Witnessed this so many years ago and totally left behind about it...glad to see it's on Hamster...activityy and funny!!

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    Pretty face, love the big hair, nice tits, hairy coochie, I particularly love the treasure trail from her belly button to her viewbox. Her pics left me with a fistful of food! Thanks!!

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    Don't listen to any negative comments. You look gorgeous and I love your underpants. So Italian!. Next time let's see some sheer black Wolford or Fogal stockigs

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    I would love to get you in a big carpeted room and roll around and frolic inbetween sessions of sucking your vulva and tits. more please

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    to me it looks like she dosnt want to suck it at all but you are making her do it lets see you inhaling her or cant you do that

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    next time ya send in some pixs. clean up your place. the 1st pix shows what a mess your place is.

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    WTF is that? A pair of sunglasses?

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    who INSULTS the women on this site by posting the EXACT same "cut & paste" photo begging comment on every contri