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    Wrote kloenz

    Lisa, please don't be timid. Your a very pretty lady. Most woman would want to have the pretty figure that you have. I liked the photos. Please post again but post with no clothes on for Ten photos. Your special. Love U!

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    I'd pay alot of money to have one taste of that

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    La tua topa pelosa e le tue tette sono stupende. Beato tuo marito......!!!!!! Vorrei vedere alcune tue foto in mutandine,...magari con i peli che fuoriescono......A? possibile Grazie in anticipo!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nice nips and good chin to rest my plums on!!!!!

    Wrote Goicoi

    she would find herself much higher on the voting and much more voluptuous if she smoothed out the patch of nasty hair... it just seems so old looking

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    It's a bathroom not a spa and crap photos.

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    A Large FAVOR:I have a big thing about fleshy mom's bods. My wifey is fairly round and her tummy shows the signs of childbearing. We have an absolutely amazing love life, so *guess what* I'm hugely revved on by bods like hers.

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    Gorgeous as alwaysMatt (UK)

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    Why does this fine woman look angry and pissed? Being in Naturist project is an honor!

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    We need to see dicks in 3-D.

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    Pierre from Tokyo

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    Well Kay, u asked for encouragement and you got it. I love to hear how you sense as each practice proceeds. Give us a detailed commentary. Its a superb turnon and you are a superb turnon. Keep living the wish and sharing with us. Thanks

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    ARE THOSE PICS OF YOUR SISTER?That is why she would drop her guard.

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    She will be reading all of your comments. She is considering a total set, but has gotten little feedback on prior posts. We just need to know if it is worth her time to flash more.

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    Summer of 2009? This is only January. Nicer check your calendar, are you sure that was your wife?May have been someone else's wifey from a time warp!

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    If Mum and Sista re ashalf as hot as you would ove to do you all.

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    I would SO love to eat you like a peach.

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    I love the pics. You're a very activityy doll. And what a pretty butthole :)

    Wrote erosf8

    Dr. Pooh says: if I had a woman with an an bum like that and then she became my 'ex', the Dr. would be bummed out BIG time!! : (

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    Hummm...fiquei num tesão louco nessa mulher, não teve jeito, tive que gozar imaginando ver e sentir o sabor dessa buceta maravilhosa! Delícia, manda mais fotos no meu e-mail! martinhoo_41

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    Nikki, you're as activityy and voluptuous looking as ever. I would love to spend time with you.

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    I just don't know what to say....

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    what an awesome, mature body!! this is MUCH nicer that the junior ladies!! It would be so wonderful to photograph and sample your wonderful assets.

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    Too faat for even Moby Dick

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    ciao bellissima.... ho tirato una sborrata enorme sulla tua foto dove si vede una meravigliosa figa di burro.... ti interessa vedere quanto? [email protected]

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    I'm with Padzi on this one, but not just lovely puffies, very nice and well proportion knockers, too. Hope to see a lot more of you two, briefly and often.

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    Bellissima!thanks for postingciao S e D

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    It's a cheap booty stag film.... geez... this is an improvement?

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    Very first time, keep those comments coming, no pun intended...maybe that's what I'll do next time...

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    friend = superbfoot shots = who cares?

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    i'd love to see you naked on the strand with people all around you. Very [email protected]

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    can i have your photos please.

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    Wonderful lips. Always stay bald so those lips look their fullest.