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    Wrote pitandbiggi

    hi....want someone to be fair with u? prob could tighten all of it up, if u have the time inbetween fam stuff...i hav Three also....but if yur hubby doesnt get revved on by u, something wrong with himhit me up, well talk over coffee....lol, good luckwhadate

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    Damn, you are beautiful!!

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    nice tits, love the piercings.

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    my idea of decent attire

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    Nice. Don't trim that bush!

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    Piks Four & Five. Now dont tell us you have not slipped it in when she's like that. Axl: just because we love shaven twats dont mean we like little ladies.

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    Nice work given the summons involved. Looking at the last picture I wonder, was she looking at you?

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    Come on now, Black and Milky went out back in the 60's . Get with the fresh Millenium and give us some COLOR !

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    So were the very first Four pictures shots of a dead female who washed up on the beach?

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    nice backside BB

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    Pkr noticed, Jammer! LOL. Did you notice anything else, pkr...or just the hair! ;)

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    Peaches: I love a utter figured woman! looks like a woman not some little female--I'm not some pedophile--I like WOMEN! Love your arse it looks so good.

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    absolutely awesome as always...thanks michelle

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    God, I love her ass! Hope we'll see some shots of you two together Logan. Now THAT would be incredible.

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