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    Honey - you are the wonderful glad spirit of summer-feeling.Thanks.

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    bellissima, complimentoni...spero di vedere molto di più....magari il suo stupendo sedere con e senza mutandine...lascio a voi la scelta, ciao!

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    Nice bod but forearms in the way too much.

    Wrote GiggitySn

    Thanks everyone.I will keep the background in mind next time, and the cleanliness of the room, but there are cirfoodstances i'm not willing to go into. I didn't have alot of time so just snapped a few shots real quick. Thanks for the feedback. Hope to get some more stuff posted briefly. : )As far as my bf looking at others on here or watching galleryography, we've been together 16 years, he can look at whatever he wants its me hes gonna have fun with and i'm not going to get mad at him when i look and observe also. : D

    Wrote HungandHa

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    linda,you are just supreme..

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