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    The problem with underwater photography is you have to know what you are doing. Also you need special equipment. Otherwise you get crap photos like these.

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    I'm gonna tell your mom. Go Away!

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    Unspoiled crap! You can tell she had a 3rd tit and had it liquidated.

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    What a hot woman!!! You are one lucky SOB!!! Having said that, I know you're going to get dinged pretty hard for all the background blurring, but won't bust your chops, as you two are kind of fresh to this game. But, next time, you might want to hav

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    Or is it Hope? Or even Lucy?

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    Picture Six & 7 i like very much..I bet she likes them too..lucky fella..keep up the good work and mail me if possible!!

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    indeed good pics. Luv to see moreKisses from [email protected]

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